Patient Portal

As the CTO or CEO of an EHR software company, you know that the needs of your healthcare customers are paramount.

Patients inside these healthcare organizations that you serve are experiencing stressful industry transformations to how they receive high-quality care and medical help they can feel good about.

Here’s what you will receive from PRM’s patient portal solution:



into multiple EHR softwares


that's viewed at your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone


and efficient patient intake through online questionnaires and consent forms

Unique Visibility

into data to improve decision making and outcomes





And in the end, it’s your goal to provide a software that increases patient engagement for your clinic, hospital, and surgery customers. Your solution needs to be able to integrate into their delivery network, improve profitability in today’s challenging healthcare landscape, while building stronger connections between medical staff, doctors, and patients.
Our innovative patient portal software is designed to fit your needs because of the flexibility in a patient portal solution that’s stand alone or able to integrate to other EHR solutions, because of how it’s architected to improve care coordination for health care professionals, and how it’s uniquely enhancing patient outcomes for EHR companies and the healthcare companies you serve.

As an EHR provider, you want to know that you’re offering a patient portal solution to your healthcare customers, and their patients, that’s focused on peace of mind, abides by HIPAA-Compliance, and one that’s secure.

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